Graphic Design Portfolio

In graphic design, my focus is on making designs that get the message across clearly and look good. I’ve worked on a few freelance projects, like logos and posters, and also done a lot of personal projects to get better at what I do. These personal projects have been a great way for me to try new things and improve my skills. I’ve worked on creating logos, banners, social media covers, video thumbnails, social media posts, posters, and business cards. I’ve also experimented with creating photos using text to imsge AI tools like

I’m familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva, and I use these tools to create my designs. I know my way around these programs well enough to make the designs I want, but I’m still learning and wouldn’t call myself an expert yet. My experience might not be vast, but I’m dedicated to learning more and getting better at graphic design.